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Process: Please note the Funding Consortium has an online system.  All Applicants will need to sign in and register in the new system.  There is a document that can be used as a working copy for your LOI.  The information can then be cut and pasted into the online application form.  Applications will be accepted only through the electronic application system.   Deadlines: These dates are not finalized for 2014 July 8th - Call for Letters of Intent opens September 26th - Call for Letters of Intent closed November 1st - Invitation for Full Proposals December 5th - Full Proposal Closed March 4th - Announcements to applicants   Important Note: Some Members of the Agriculture Funding Consortium will NOT support overhead costs in approved projects. Only costs that are incremental, justifiable and directly related to the proposal activity will be considered. Priorities: Each of the three Agriculture Funding Consortium members and each of the twelve associate members are responsible for their own priorities and investment mandate.  Information on current areas of research and development investment is available from the specific member organizations (include link).    For more information about the identities of the members click on the live member’s button.   Selected Research Priorities for 2013 Consortium Application Forms and Instructions: Electronic Application System All applications to the Fall Call-for-Proposal must be submitted through the electronic application system. This process begins with a Letter of Intent (LOI). If the LOI is selected by members of the Consortium, a Full application will be invited. The full application will be subject to a scientific technical and strategic review process. Final acceptance for funding will take place in March of the year following application. Applicants are required to register on the electronic application system. Keep you password as it will be required for applications in future years. The Full proposal applications will be available from Oct each year. Please note, the closing date and time for both LOI and full applications is final. Computers monitor the timelines and will NOT accept applications after the deadline. Given the last minute rush, the Funders STRONGLY  recommend submitting applications two or three days in advance of the deadline to avoid system slowdowns and missed applications. Successfully submitted applications will be acknowledge by the electronic system. If you did not recieve e-mail notification shortly after submitting you should consider checking the status of your submission. Why apply now? All members of the Agriculture Funding Consortium accept proposals 365 days/year, HOWEVER, in an effort to maximize efficiencies, we try to handle the majority of the proposals during the Fall period. If you plan to submit a Letter of Intent outside of the Fall Call, know that it should be directed to a specific funder, and may require a specific application form. Operating Guidelines for R & D Funding 2006/2007 (historic reference file) MSWord 68 kb New Templates for Existing Projects To streamline processing of projects, the Consortium asks that all interim reports be sent in electronically. Dates are specified in the grant contract's schedule A. Report payments will not be made until reports and income/expenditures statements have been submitted and accepted. Early reporting is acceptable. Late reporting will result in late payment which is not acceptable to some research organizations Right-click the icon and select "Save Target as..." to download an Interim Progress Report Form Right-click the icon and select "Save Target as..." to download a Final Report Form
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FOIP and PIPA All information that is collected, used and disclosed using this application system is subject to and protected by either the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act or the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).
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For your convenience click on either the “LOI working copy or the Full Proposal Application for off line use” button below to give you a template to save your work on your computer. Then you can just cut and paste sections into your electronic application. Just click on the “electronic application” button on the right of this note pad or on the button below. Use for Call-for-proposal online system only. DO NOT submit either document as an application.
Important Dates under revision July 2014- Letters of Intent opens on an electronic application system. Sept 2014 - Deadline for submitting Letters of Intent is enforced by computer. Closes 4:30 pm.  Nov 2014- Invitations for full proposal go out to sucessful applicants. Dec 2014 -Full proposal applications close at 4:30PM March 2015-  Announcement of supported Full proposals 
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