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Step 2: Application Guidelines

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Application Guidelines

We welcome bold producer-led research proposals that will grow the agriculture and food industry in Western Canada.

All applications and required documents must be submitted through ARGO (Agriculture Research Grant Organizer).

Ready to start your application? Be sure to review the AFC Application Guidelines.

Letter of Intent (LOI)

Applicants are required to submit an LOI to the AFC by April 15, 2024. The AFC Members will review, taking into consideration the guidelines for evaluating proposals.

Want your LOI to wow our review team? Visit our FAQ for tips on how to make your application review ready.

Full Proposal

Only successful LOIs will be invited by the AFC to submit a Full Proposal.

Applicants will be contacted by the AFC if they are invited to submit a Full Proposal.

Want your research proposal to wow our review team? Visit our FAQ for tips to help make your Full Proposal review ready.

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